Even in the face of aggression from neighboring Russia, even though the state was left impoverished and in turmoil after the ousting of the corrupt regime of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych, Ukrainians were able to organize free-and-fair presidential elections in a remarkably short time, setting the stage for the further difficult  but vital reforms to come.

From the very start of the tumultuous events that the country has gone through, the UNIAN news agency has been bringing you news of the events in Ukraine from our news teams here on the spot.

But we know that tremendous challenges still face Ukraine in the months and years ahead, and that these challenges are of such dimensions that they will affect Europe and the international community, so that’s why we’ve decided to further boost our coverage of Ukrainian news in the lingua franca of today’s world – English.

Our new team of translators and editors aim to bring you the best of UNIAN’s content, with the quality and style that you would expect from any major Western news source. Along with up-to-the-minute stories, we’ll have photo and video content, and opinions from domestic and international experts on the situation in Ukraine as it develops. We’ll be augmenting our presence on the Web, via our own Web site and the leading social media, and providing access as broad as possible to Ukrainian news to people all around the world. And we’ll be cooperating with other companies in our media group to constantly expand the range and quality of the content we provide.

So in this exciting time of new beginnings for Ukraine, we at UNIAN are also starting afresh, and looking forward to the coming challenges. We’ll bring you the news, good and bad, as it breaks in Ukraine, with objectivity, professionalism and the highest quality.

We’ll be following Ukraine closely as it moves forward, and we hope you’ll join us every day as well, to share in all the news of this young country’s trials and triumphs, woes and joys, struggles and victories, as it returns to where it truly belongs – in the heart of the family of European nations.

Euan MacDonald

English Editor

UNIAN Information Agency