Ukraine is to buy hi-tech weapons for its army, President Petro Poroshenko says / Photo by UNIAN

According to a UNIAN correspondent, the president said this during a meeting with the employees of the Dnipropetrovsk Heavy Engineering Plant.

"After the election of a new parliament and the formation of the government, we will support Ukrainian weapons producers," Poroshenko said.

Insurance and credit mechanisms will be developed in the near future to enable Ukrainian defense enterprises to produce advanced and competitive weapons, the president said.

The launch of anti-terrorist operations highlighted what the priorities of Ukraine’s military-industrial complex should be, Poroshenko said.

"We have identified the priorities and needs of the Ukrainian army, and how these can be met by Ukrainian producers,” he said.

The program of the state defense order is to be drawn up within a month.

Furthermore, Poroshenko said a new business model for defense enterprises will be created, with the aim of boosting sales of competitive Ukrainian arms products on the world market.