The minister says Ukraine will develop as a European state / Photo from UNIAN

Ukraine's Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has commented on the European Parliament's calls to step up anti-corruption efforts in the country.

"Ukraine has already done a lot to scrap old rules of corruption. This action to scrap has caused and will cause counteraction. But neither oligarchs nor corrupt officials will be able to slow the development of Ukraine as a European state," Kuleba wrote on Twitter on February 11.

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Ukraine corruption and the EU: Previous developments

  • On February 11, 2021, the European Parliament (EP) passed a resolution on Ukraine's implementation of the Association Agreement with the EU.
  • In the resolution, MEPs, among other things, called on the Ukrainian authorities to step up the fight against corruption, ensure the independence of anti-corruption agencies, and reaffirm their commitment to reforms.
  • MEPs expressed grave concern about "apparent attempts by vested interests to undermine the country’s achievements in the fight against corruption and overall democratic reforms, in particular through the recapturing of political power by some Ukrainian oligarchs, which has served to weaken the reform-oriented majority in the Verkhovna Rada."
  • MEPs also stated that achieving tangible results in the fight against corruption is important for improving the business climate and attracting more foreign investment in Ukraine.