Ukraine may slap sanctions on certain Belarussian officials / Photo from UNIAN

Ukraine plans to line up with sanctions imposed by the European Union on Belarus.

This was announced by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba in an interview for BBC News Ukrainian.

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"I would like to look at the final legal decision on who is on that list. But yes, we are determined to join these sanctions, because here we are speaking about issues of policy consistency," Kuleba said.

In particular, Ukraine plans to line up with sanctions against certain representatives of the top Belarusian authorities.

"As for economic interaction, we are not planning to attack. We are not planning to make Belarus worse – we only wish it well. We do not plan to have any embargo or any restrictions on trade," Kuleba said.

Sanctions against Lukashenko's regime

  • On the night of October 2, the media reported that EU representatives at a summit agreed on the introduction of sanctions against representatives of the Belarusian authorities. The sanctions should take effect next week.
  • The process of imposing the restrictions was hampered by Cyprus, which demanded that Europe in return react in the same way to the unauthorized exploration of crude oil fields by Turkey in its waters. On this occasion, the country's president even met with President of the European Council Charles Michel.
  • Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania imposed sanctions on 128 Belarusian officials. Among them are Lukashenko and his son Viktor, the head of the presidential administration Igor Sergeenko and his first deputy Maxim Ryzhenkov, deputies Olga Chupris, Dmitry Krutoy, as well as other officials of Lukashenko's administration.