Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba says the Russian vaccine against COVID-19 is part of hybrid warfare against Ukraine.

"We understand when it comes to the Russian vaccine, it is Russia's hybrid weapon against Ukraine," he told the Den (Day) newspaper in an interview.

Read alsoUkraine to get 16 mln doses of vaccine via COVAX, official says (Video)According to the minister, the vaccine issue is a classic example of hybrid possibilities.

"There are several dimensions to this issue. There is a classic way of getting a vaccine or accessing it through the COVAX Facility. In particular, there are opportunities to negotiate directly with certain manufacturers, as well as a hybrid opportunity to appeal to countries that have already reserved a large supply of vaccine for themselves, ask them to give a small share to us with the expectation that they will replenish their supplies. And there is another hybrid dimension in this story – the situation around the Russian vaccine," Kuleba said.

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