To raise the issue of having water supplies to Crimea resumed, Russia must appeal to the Ukrainian authorities as an occupying power, in accordance with humanitarian law.

That's according to Ukraine's Permanent Representative to the UN, Serhiy Kyslytsya, who spoke with Crimea.Realities.

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"They should turn to Ukraine with an official request, not threats or tantrums, you know.  And then we will look into this, then the relevant ministries and departments will look at what our reaction should be.  As far as I know, today the occupying power has never asked Ukraine to start a dialogue on the issue.  Instead, we see a lot of fuss and hysterics behind the scenes of this problem," said Kyslytsya.

Water supplies to Crimea: background

  • On August 24, in Simferopol and another 39 settlements of the Simferopol and Bakhchisarai regions, due to drought and shallowing of reservoirs, the first stage of water supply restrictions started.  On September 2, a second stage of restrictions was introduced - an hourly schedule for water supply was established.  The Simferopol authorities have published a map showing the location of fresh water tanks.
  • On September 7, in Simferopol, Bakhchisarai and Simferopol districts, the third, most severe, stage of water supply restrictions were imposed.  Drinking water is served to residents in mornings and evenings only.  According to the Russian authorities in Simferopol, at the third stage, daily water consumption will drop to 100,000 cubic meters from 160,000 cubic meters.
  • From September 23, restrictive measures for water supply will be introduced in Alushta, Partenit and Maly Mayak.
  • The occupying authorities of Crimea announced that they are preparing for a "worst-case scenario" with water supply to the peninsula.
  • Ukraine provided up to 85% of the peninsula's needs for fresh water through the North Crimean Canal.
  • After the occupation of Crimea by Russia in 2014, water supplies to the peninsula were severed.
  • Ukrainian authorities state that the resumption of water supply through the North Crimean Canal to Crimea would be possible only after Russia ceases its occupation of the peninsula.
  • Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba says there is no humanitarian crisis with freshwater in occupied Crimea whatsoever, chief of Ukraine's diplomacy emphasizes. "The narrative about the 'humanitarian crisis' was invented by Russian propaganda in order to convince the world that water supplies to Crimea are necessary."