Over 30 officials from the State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine, the Security Service, and the Cyber Police participated in the training on countering cyber attacks.

"The aim of these exercises is to improve the resilience and expertise of the Ukrainian cybersecurity authorities to prevent and deflect attacks," said Rémi Duflot, Deputy Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine.

"Digital transformation and e-governance are among the most successful Ukrainian reforms," the diplomat added. "They also need to be protected."

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The Ukrainian team was engaged in threat hunting and other specific predefined tasks revealed to the participants only during the exercise.

Mock attacks were launched on predefined IT infrastructure.

The exercises were carried out in the framework of the EU-funded EU4DigitalUA project by the Estonian e-Governance Academy (eGA) on the premises of the updated UA30 Cybercentre, which houses a unique training center. There are only 20 such centers worldwide.

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