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Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has commented on the recent media stunt by Leonid Kravchuk, Ukraine's first president who now leads the country's delegation in the Trilateral Contact Group on Donbas settlement.

Kravchuk spoke via videolink at a Russian propaganda channel's panel show where the hosts set up for him an online dialogue with the self-styled leader of the Russian proxy authorities in the occupied areas of Donetsk region – the situation seen by many as an attempt by Russian infowar masterminds to legitimize the internationally unrecognized warlord by putting him on par with the Ukrainian official.

Read alsoMFA Ukraine on Minsk platform of Donbas settlement: "Rather alive than dead""Leonid Kravchuk is a first president of Ukraine, and he very worthily represents Ukrainian interests in the Trilateral Contact Group. Recently, he represented the interests of Ukraine at a meeting of the UN Security Council, where the status of implementation of the Minsk agreements was discussed, so there can be no questions about his adherence to principles and patriotism in his stance. But his very historical status, his role in Ukraine gaining independence allows him to do a little more than any official can, including through all kinds of television broadcasts," Kuleba said, speaking at a Kyiv press conference on Tuesday, February 16.

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The minister noted that he personally does not participate in such propaganda stunts, but "the very figure of Leonid Kravchuk allows him to do a little more than others."

Earlier, Kravchuk said Ukrainian military should deliver a mirror response to each ceasefire breach by the Russian-controlled forces in eastern Ukraine's warzone.