The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine said that the promise of more help to the occupied Donbas, voiced by Russian President Vladimir Putin at his latest press conference, constitutes a gross violation of Ukrainian legislation, its sovereignty, and territorial integrity.

That's according to a comment the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued to the inquiry by the Gordon news outlet.

 "The Russian Federation can actually help Donbas if it ceases its gross violations of international law – ceases aggression against Ukraine, withdraws its troops and mercenaries from the temporarily occupied territories in Donetsk and Luhansk regions. We consider the provision of so-called aid and the supply of 'humanitarian' or any other cargo to the territories temporarily occupied by Russia in Donetsk and Luhansk regions without Ukraine's official consent as a gross violation of Ukrainian legislation, sovereignty and territorial integrity," diplomats said.

Read alsoRussia blocking talks on Donbas settlement action plan – ReznikovThey also noted Ukraine's loyalty to the implementation of the Minsk and Normandy agreements.

"Russia has made every effort to effectively block the process of consultations in the Trilateral Contact Group on the Donbas conflict settlement and the implementation of the agreements reached within the framework of the Normandy format were effectively blocked. To bring the negotiation process from this state, Russia must finally take a decision to pull its armed formations from Donbas," the foreign ministry stressed.

What Putin said on Donbas

At a press conference on December 17, Putin said Russia would "build up support" for the occupied areas of Donbas. "We, Russia, have supported Donbas, and will continue doing this. We will even be building up our support for Donbas. This applies both to the support for production, the solution of social issues, and infrastructure issues, etc.," Putin said.