Photo from UNIAN

Chief of the Ukrainian delegation at the Minsk talks, Leonid Kravchuk, commented on the recent statement by Russian President Vladimir Putin that progress in the Donbas conflict settlement allegedly depended solely on Ukraine.

As an example, Kravchuk cited the methods Russians and their proxy forces use to block the solution of a number of issues considered by the Trilateral Contact Group.

"I'll give one example. There are four subgroups in the Minsk process as such, and among them have a socio-economic group. At the subgroup's meetings, there had previously been no sharp discussions, Ukraine would ask any questions and offer concrete action – on transport, on social issues in general. We would then reach a general discussion, Russia and ORDLO [Kremlin proxy forces] would find a pretext not to do it. And this was linked with the solution of political issues. They would say, only when the law on local elections is canceled will we consider this issue – this was directly stated from the screen [in videoconference]," he said, speaking with Ukraine 24 TV.

Russia, Kravchuk says, ties all social and economic issues with political ones.

Read alsoRussian psyops: Radio posing as Ukrainian station spins Kremlin propaganda targeting troops"Ukraine has put forward proposals on how and when this can be done, but I repeat: it was Russia that has been linking any issues – exchange of held persons, economic issues, humanitarian ones – with political issues that have no connection with them at all," he said.

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