Leonid Kravchuk / Photo from UNIAN

The sequence of steps envisaged by the Minsk agreements adopted in 2015 requires revision, says chief of the Ukrainian delegation to the Trilateral Contact Group (TCG) on Donbas settlement Leonid Kravchuk.

"If we stick to a sequence stipulated by Minsk agreements, this actually cannot be done," Kravchuk, who is also the first president in Ukraine's modern independence history, has told Russia's TASS news agency.

Read alsoMinister Reznikov elaborates on Donbas economic development strategyKravchuk believes that a lot has changed in Donbas over the past six years, and the agreements that were adopted in 2015 are outdated.

"In our plan, I showed changes in these conditions and the fact that we need to change the sequence of steps. But we're not changing the basic principle, which is to achieve peace," said Kravchuk.

At the same time, he stressed that the main issue that must be resolved before the political component of the agreements is implemented is for Ukraine to regain control over the border with Russia in the war-struck area.

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