The European Union and the United States have called on the Ukrainian authorities not to risk long-term reforms, supported by international partners, in the wake of the recent dismissal of customs and tax chiefs.

"The EU & US are closely watching @Kabmin_UA_e appointments of high-level officials in the Tax and Customs Service.  It is important to follow fair, merit-based competitive procedures and not risk long-term reforms, supported by international partners," the EU Delegation to Ukraine tweeted on Monday, April 27.

As UNIAN reported, the Cabinet at an extraordinary meeting April 24 dismissed head of the State Customs Service Maksym Nefyodov and the head of the State Tax Service Serhiy Verlanov.

In addition, Nefyodov’s deputies Robert Zeldi, Serhiy Petukhov, and Denys Shendryk were laid off, as well as Verlanov's deputy Dmytro Ventskovsky.

Head of one of the customs service departments Ihor Muratov has been appointed acting chief of the agency, while deputy chairman of the State Tax Service Mykhailo Titarchuk will be acting head of the service.

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The work of the two agencies had been criticized recently due to the failure to meet the revenue targets of the state budget.

On Friday, the Verkhovna Rada set up a Provisional Investigation Commission to probe possible corruption among government officials, which led to significant losses in budget revenues.