Any operations on foreign soil are beyond the scope of the SBU security service's functions, the agency's spokesperson said, commenting on the latest allegations voiced by the Russian FSB security service over the "foiled abduction plot" targeting a Donbas militant, a Russian citizen who had fought against Ukrainian army in eastern Ukraine.

"I think it is better to ask the GUR [military intelligence] about this, not us," SBU spox Olena Gitlianskaya said in response to UNIAN's request for comment.

External operations are beyond the scope of our competence

Asked why the FSB statement refers to a certain SBU operative, she noted: "Of those who have been named, there are no SBU operatives. And in general, if you read the law on the Security Service, we are engaged in the protection of internal security. External operations are beyond the scope of our competence."

Andriy Cherniak, a GUR military intelligence spokesman, told UNIAN that the agency "will not comment" on the issue.

"There is no information either about us or about our employees," he said.

"If they write about intelligence, then Ukraine's military intelligence of Ukraine does not comment on any special operations, even if they are imaginary or virtual. That is, we will neither deny nor confirm the report."

We will neither deny nor confirm the report

FSB allegations

Earlier today, Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) says it exposed an operation by Ukrainian intelligence to kidnap and bring to Ukraine one of the Donbas warlords, a Russian citizen, who had taken an active part in hostilities against the Ukrainian Army.

Ukrainians reportedly hired Russian criminals to do the job for a monetary reward and coordinated the operation.

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The FSB has also named Ukrainian citizens Andriy Baydala and Ihor Mishchenko as suspects who had allegedly masterminded the abduction attempt, adding that they had been acting upon instructions of the SBU (the Security Service of Ukraine).

The FSB went further to claim that Baidala had been earlier detained in Ukraine for "illegal carry of firearms" in what Russia says was a mock operation to provide him an alibi for the kidnapping job coordination.

The case is being investigated as an "abduction attempt by an organized group".