The Kremlin has declared Ukraine part of the territory covered by the so-called "Russian world."

In response to a request by an UNIAN correspondent in Russia to elaborate about the topics that were discussed at the meeting of the Security Council chaired by President Vladimir Putin February 5, the Russian leader's Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said the issue of supporting Russian compatriots was on the agenda.

"Here Putin spoke about the profile issue that was on the agenda – issues of the 'Russian world.' Indeed, the 'Russian world' was, remains and will be a priority topic for the Russian government. Protection of this world, development of relations with this world, and various mechanisms to support this world," Peskov said.

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Read alsoUkraine "embraces openness" with report on Russian hybrid warfareWhen asked by UNIAN whether Ukraine is part of the "Russian world" for the Kremlin, he said: "Of course, there are a lot of Russians and Russian speakers in Ukraine – they all belong to the 'Russian world,' and it would be really stupid to deny cultural, historical ties, and common roots. We know that such a line – to deny these common things – is being pursued by Ukraine, but we don't like this."

Answering another question on what tools will be applied to promote the "Russian world" in Ukraine, Peskov said it would be "soft power."

He went on to claim Russia "never employs tools that would be in breach of international law."