Péter Szijjártó / REUTERS

Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó has reacted to recent searches conducted by the SBU Security Service of Ukraine in Zakarpattia region.

"Unfortunately, an incomprehensible political swing regarding Hungarian parties and the Hungarian minority continues in Ukraine again. Because of the inadmissibility of such actions, Ambassador of Ukraine to Hungary Liubov Nepop has been summoned to hear our dissatisfaction with the Ukrainian leaders' actions in Kyiv," he said in a video message posted on Facebook, according to Mukachevo.net.

Szijjártó added he would meet with a NATO representative on Tuesday to discuss the issue of further blocking Ukraine's membership. The minister claims the latest actions of the Ukrainian authorities "crossed out all civilized and European relations between the countries."

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Zakarpattia raids

  • On November 30, journalist Vitaly Glagola said the Security Service in Zakarpattia region had conducted a warranted search in the home of Vasyl Brenzovych, leader of the KMKSZ Party (Party of Hungarians of Ukraine) along with a number of other raids targeting other individuals.
  • As the journalist notes, the criminal proceedings concern the alleged conclusion of bogus contracts by Hungarian charitable foundations.
  • The scheme could have been used to commit acts threatening Ukraine's national security, law enforcement agencies said.
  • The SBU has later confirmed the fact of the searches. Security agents are also probing into possible activities that may violate Ukraine's state sovereignty.