The United States' friendship with Ukraine has never been stronger, State Secretary Mike Pompeo said in a greeting on Ukraine's Independence Day August 24.

"Our support for a free, resilient, and democratic Ukraine is unwavering," Pompeo said, adding that his country remains "fully committed to diplomatic efforts to end Russia’s ongoing aggression in eastern Ukraine."

Read alsoUkraine Independence Day: Zelensky vows to hold parade upon regaining all Ukrainian territories (Photo, video)The U.S. "rejects Russia's attempted annexation of Crimea and pledges to maintain this policy until Russia returns full control of all Ukrainian territory to Ukraine," the statement reads.

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Our support for a free, resilient, and democratic Ukraine is unwavering

Pompeo has also voiced support to Ukrainians in government and civil society working to push forward "crucial transformational reforms that advance economic growth, security, and the rule of law."

"The friendship between our two countries has never been stronger," Pompeo stressed. "We look forward to continuing our partnership and working with Ukraine's leaders and citizens as you build a bright, secure, and democratic future."

Read alsoInt'l legislators voice support for Ukraine on Independence Day"I wish you continued prosperity and success in the years ahead," the U.S. State Secretary concluded.

Ukraine's Independence Day: background

  • Ukraine celebrates Independence Day on August 24.
  • The holiday was initially celebrated on July 16, 1991, as the first anniversary of the Declaration of State Sovereignty of Ukraine passed by the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine's parliament, in 1990.
  • Since the Declaration of Independence was issued on August 24, 1991, and confirmed by the referendum of December 1, 1991, the date of the holiday was changed.
  • Ukraine's Independence Day has been considered an official state holiday since 1992.