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Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba says the ministry has approved Ukraine's communication strategy this week.

"This document takes into account the lessons we have learned from communication challenges of diplomatic life. That is, we have written not an abstract document, but a specific document with applied strategy based on real life," he said during an online briefing on Friday, an UNIAN correspondent reported.

The work on the strategy lasted almost a year, the minister said.

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Read alsoZelensky approves Ukraine's Military Security StrategyAccording to Kuleba, this strategy creates a coherent, clear and effective system of the ministry's external and internal communication to achieve its strategic goals.

"The strategy lays down the fundamental principles of activity, reflects the Foreign Ministry's values, the mission and vision of our functioning. The strategy responds to challenges posed by the new reality of the pandemic and the future of the world after [the pandemic] is over. For the first time, we clearly articulate and establish a pointer to the advantage of digital and remote solutions in communication; we form sustainable procedures for planning, implementing and evaluating the effectiveness of communication, which should be flexible and at the same time in line with the basic principles of Ukraine's foreign policy," he said.

The strategy formulates algorithms for the actions of the diplomatic service's employees in a particular communication situation and defines the code of conduct for diplomats.

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