Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba says Ukraine and NATO may overcome any challenge by joint efforts.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Ukraine and NATO Information and Documentation Center in Ukraine have launched a joint project #StrongerTogether aimed at raising social awareness in Ukraine and abroad of the active and mutually beneficial cooperation between Ukraine and NATO in different spheres, in particular Ukraine's contribution to Euro-Atlantic security.

"Synergy is not just a nice word. It is a practical necessity, because together we are much stronger than the simple sum of our individual efforts. I am convinced that together we will overcome any challenge we may face in the future," Kuleba said in a first video posted on YouTube.

The video is focused on the Ukraine-NATO interaction within COVID-19 pandemic.

"In these critical circumstances we have managed to strengthen each other. NATO rendered Ukraine some critically needed medical equipment while Ukraine allowed Allies to timely receive urgent medical supplies using Ukraine's famous Antonov airplanes," the minister said.

In turn, Director of NATO Information and Documentation Center in Ukraine Vineta Kleine stressed "the pandemic has profoundly affected lives across the globe testing our preparedness and resilience."

Read alsoStoltenberg reiterates: 'NATO's door remains open' for Ukraine"At the same time, it has proved the importance of unity and solidarity. What helps us overcome this crisis is our partnership, burden sharing and cooperation. NATO stands and will continue to stand by Ukraine," she said.

This project will be broadcast on the MFA official social media platforms and the accounts of the Ukrainian diplomatic missions abroad.