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The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine is prepared to deliver a harsh response to any campaign fraud, attempts to bribe voters, provocations, and other violations during the upcoming local elections.

That's according to a statement by Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, who spoke in connection with the launch the election campaign, the Ministry's press service reports.

"In a few days, the registered candidates will start their respective campaigns. On the eve of this, I'd like to appeal to all participants in the electoral process to strictly observe the law and not violate campaign rules, or resort to illegal schemes and scams, or rock the situation in their constituencies," Avakov emphasized.

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Read alsoZelensky tells government to prepare for Oct 25 local elections across Ukraine amid COVID-19 restrictionsThe Ministry of Internal Affairs, says Avakov, has sufficient manpower, means, and motivation to ensure order during the campaign process.

"We will react harshly to any attempts to set up voting grids, bribe voters, set up provocations, and otherwise violate law. Unfortunately, we already have tips on such attempts," said the minister.

He also noted that the Ministry of Internal Affairs is cooperating with the Central Election Commission and its traditional partner, the OPORA Civil Society Network, which closely monitor the pre-election race and record violations.

Besides, the National Police has a special unit verifying all such reports.

"Not a single party, not a single candidate will enjoy any preferences from the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the police, but everyone can count on protection and that their legal rights will be ensured," said Avakov.

2020 local elections: background

  • On September 5, the campaign was launched in Ukraine ahead of the local elections scheduled for October 25.
  • Until September 24 inclusive, candidates are supposed to submit applications to run for posts of village, settlement, and city mayors.
  • Candidates, as well as parties that nominated them, can refuse from running until October 5.