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President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has called on local authorities to develop a set of measures to support citizens and businesses in the context of the introduction of tougher quarantine over the latest corona spike.

"Today, in some regions, local authorities in line with their powers are introducing tougher quarantine by the decisions of emergencies commissions. At the same time, in my opinion, they can't introduce all these measures merely in the format of placing bans with no support provided," Zelensky said in a video address to the nation.

The President recalled that in January this year, in parallel lines with introducing lockdown across Ukraine, the government on his behalf prepared a wide range of support measures.

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"This is direct financial assistance to people and businesses, assistance for children, compensation for partial unemployment, tax holidays, and a number of other incentives," the president said.

Read alsoSituation "critical": Kyiv region introducing lockdown following capital city"It is logical that local authorities also think about various forms of support, introducing lockdown on the ground, and together with the strengthening of quarantine, develop a set of measures to support certain categories of citizens and businesses, precisely in their region, who will suffer due to the restrictions of the so-called red zones. I'm waiting for the relevant proposals from local authorities to consider and approve them next week at the congress of local and regional governments under the President of Ukraine," Zelensky said.

"In addition to the amount of assistance to citizens and businesses who have suffered due to lockdown, offered at the expense of local budgets, the central government will add 100%, thus doubling the amount of such support," the president added.

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