Poroshenko skips questioning in Medvedchuk-Kozak case / Photo from UNIAN

Former Ukrainian President, Member of Parliament Petro Poroshenko has skipped today's questioning in the Medvedchuk-Kozak case.

That's according to the SBU Security Service's press center.

Poroshenko was summoned as a witness in criminal proceedings against MPs from the Opposition Platform – For Life Viktor Medvedchuk and Taras Kozak who are suspected of committing criminal offenses under Part 1 of Article 111, Part 3 of Article 15, and Part 1 of Article 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

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The SBU summoned the former president for questioning for "a comprehensive, complete and impartial investigation into the circumstances of the criminal proceedings."

Photo from the SBU

"Taking into account the fact that Ukrainian MP Petro Poroshenko did not appear for questioning, he will be summoned again. The next date is May 31, 2021," the report says.

The SBU also posted a photocopy of the summons.

Poroshenko's lawyer gives explanations

Lawyer Ihor Golovan explains that Poroshenko did not appear for interrogation at the SBU over the fact that he had not been informed in the manner prescribed by law.

The SBU did not serve a summons on Poroshenko but posted it on the website, the lawyer said.

Read alsoRecordings of alleged calls by Medvedchuk being examined by SBU"Moreover, the phone number mentioned in the so-called 'Internet summons' for contacting does not respond," he said. "I've wasted a whole hour, trying to get into contact with the investigators."

Meanwhile, several photos featuring Poroshenko sitting inside a railway car were posted on his Facebook page on the morning of May 27, with the caption: "An important and long-awaited journey is ahead. Guess where we are going today?" In a comment, MP from the European Solidarity Party Sofiya Fedyna guessed that the ex-president and his wife were going to the country's east.

Treason case: Details

  • On May 11, 2021, Ukraine's Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova said she had signed off charges of high treason and attempted plunder of national resources in Russia-occupied Crimea, targeting MPs from the Opposition Platform – For Life Party Viktor Medvedchuk and Taras Kozak, under Articles 111 (treason) and 438 (violation of the laws and customs of war) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.
  • On May 12, Medvedchuk was given a suspicion notice. He is facing charges on three counts, namely the illegal transfer of a natural gas field to the Russian Federation; providing the Russian special services with information containing state secrets (about a secret military unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine); conducting subversive activities against Ukraine, i.e. involvement in the work of a ring of Russian influence in Ukraine, dubbed 'Luch'/'Promin' ('Ray').
  • Kozak is currently outside Ukraine, investigators say.
  • On May 13, 2021, Kyiv's Pechersky District Court placed Medvedchuk under house arrest. He was obliged to wear an ankle monitor. The prosecutors insisted he should be in custody or put up bail worth about UAH 300 million, or US$10.8 million, as an alternative.
  • On May 20, 2021, Kyiv's Pechersky District Court issued a warrant for Kozak's arrest.
  • On May 21, 2021, Kyiv's Court of Appeals decided to keep Medvedchuk under round-the-clock house arrest.