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Another recording of a phone call was leaked to the media, purportedly involving Vladimir Putin's main political operative in Ukraine, Viktor Medvedchuk, who has now been charged with high treason.

In a 2015 phone call, Medvedchuk allegedly spoke with the then-chief of the Russian Presidential Protocol, Vladimir Ostrovenko, who currently serves as deputy head of Russia's Presidential Administration, Obozrevatel reports.

The Ukrainian politician asks Ostrovenko to tell the "boss" that he had "handed over everything that had been agreed upon:"

Видео дня

Medvedchuk: Hello. Hey, Volodya. How are you?

Ostrovenko: Yes... go ahead.

Medvedchuk: Volodya, thanks, so everything was fine there yesterday, right?

Ostrovenko: Yeah...

Medvedchuk: Look, tell the boss, please. I was there today, in the afternoon, and I reported on everything, everything that we had agreed upon. Tell [him] that I conveyed absolutely all the information, will you?

Ostrovenko: Yeah...

Medvedchuk: So there's one more thing. He says that with regard to these sanctions, right, [if] there are any questions there, either on legal or physical [entities], you can tell me (giggles). Well, you know what I;m saying, right?

Ostrovenko: Yes, I got you.

Medvedchuk: Yes. So he... There's readiness to make edits. There's readiness to make edits. This is how it goes. Alright, I've handed it over (laughs). So please convey this, will you?

Ostrovenko: Yeah, alright.

Medvedchuk: That's it then.

Ostrovenko: Yeah. Cause they thought no one was doing anything. Well, I got you. All right.

Medvedchuk: No, no, no. Well, you know what I'm saying (laughs). Well, I do have to report! (laughs)

Ostrovenko: Right.

Medvedchuk: Cause when they start looking into this, they may say: How come, I told them! The reaction is secondary. The main thing is that this must be reported. Right?

Ostrovenko: As always, as always. I understand. Yes, good (laughs).

Medvedchuk: Yes, good, alright, Volodya. Call me if you need me. I'm available.


  • Vladimir Putin's crony Viktor Medvedchuk and the latter's ally Taras Kozak are being suspected of high treason and attempted plunder of national resources in the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea.
  • On May 11, 2021, Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova signed their notice of suspicion.
  • They face charges on three counts: illegal transfer of a natural gas field to the Russian Federation; providing the Russian special services with information containing state secrets (about a hidden military unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine); conducting subversive activities against Ukraine by preparing a network of Russian influence in Ukraine called "Luch."
  • On May 12, 2021, Medvedchuk received suspicion papers under Articles 111 and 438 of the Criminal Code, namely high treason and violation of the laws and customs of war.
  • A source in the Prosecutor General's Office said that the prosecutor would ask the court to elect Medvedchuk a preventive measure in the form of detention with the alternative of paying UAH 300 million bail, which is US10.9 million.