Photo from UNIAN, Mykhailo Palynchak

Defense chiefs of NATO Allies at the session of the Military Committee on Tuesday, May 18, called on Ukraine to continue implementing reform in the country's defense sector.

That's according to Military Committee chief, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, who spoke at a press conference following the session, also attended by Ukraine Army's Commander-in-Chief Ruslan Khomchak, an UNIAN correspondent reports.

"Russia continues to demonstrate a sustained pattern of destabilizing behavior, including its violations of Ukraine's and Georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity," said Peach.

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He added that the Committee had discussed with General Khomchak the security situation in and around Ukraine and Armed Forces defense reform in Ukraine.

Read alsoNATO sending to Ukraine experts on countering hybrid threats"The Chiefs of Defense reiterated their full support for Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity and discussed future cooperation in and around the Black Sea," said the official.

"The Military Committee encouraged Ukraine to continue implementing major reforms, to build security and development for all Ukrainians," Peach stressed.

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