Ukraine's new Ambassador to the United States, Oksana Markarova, says she will work on ensuring that Ukraine obtains NATO Membership Action Plan (MAP).

In an interview with, the Ambassador also stressed the need for Ukraine to obtain permanent membership in the Alliance.

"I plan to work pro-actively, together with the team of the Foreign Ministry and other relevant agencies to get us closer to our goal – obtaining the NATO Membership Action Plan and becoming part of the Alliance in the future. To this end, we need to complete a lot of tasks and separately mobilize our partners. Here I'll be helping as much as I can," said Markarova.

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At the same time, the ambassador explained what Ukraine had to do to get more defense assistance from the United States. "How do we get more help from the United States? We must show that we are developing according to NATO standards and striving to ensure security of the entire region. Here, of course, the ambassador doesn't play the 'first violin', but I will do my best to help the Ukrainian Army, Ukraine's defense agencies," said Markarova.

Read alsoMarkarova comments on her appointment as Ukraine's Ambassador to U.S.At the same time, the Ambassador expressed hope that the stance of both the United States and the European Union regarding the war in Donbas and the annexation of Crimea by Russia would remain unchanged.

"I think that the civilized world has no other choice but to unite in the fight against Russian aggression. After all, our common values ​​haven't changed. Indeed, there are internal political discussions, indeed, in some countries there are movements that are being supported by Russia, and its interference is seen in the internal affairs of other states. However, this doesn't change basic things – the values ​​that the West defends. Ukraine expects that the position of the United States and Europe will remain unwavering in countering Russian aggression," Oksana Markarova said.

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