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Leonid Kravchuk, the newly-appointed chief of Ukraine's delegation to the Trilateral Contact Group on Donbas settlement, says he is ready to consider compromises, if necessary, to achieve peace in eastern Ukraine's Donbas.

"We all have the same mission – me, you, and anyone who loves Ukraine and this land. The mission is one – to end the war and for peace to prevail in Ukraine, for us to live in peace: without blood, without horrors, without losses, without destruction. This is my mission, to ensure peace in Donbas and across Ukraine. I will do everything I can to this end. We will go for compromises," Kravchuk told RBC-Ukraine.

Asked what exactly he meant by "compromises", Kravchuk elaborated: "Compromises on how to manage the situation. There are things though that cannot be subject to compromise – it's sovereignty, territorial integrity, independence, and inviolability of our borders. These issues are off the table. Because these issues are determined in advance by the principles of international law."

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Asked, whether he would be ready to go for a compromise on the issue of special status of Donbas, Kravchuk said: "There's a status of Donbas, and there's a status of managing the territory of Donbas, the status of local government, there's a political status of Donbas. I will advocate shifting from general words to concrete action. So that there's a government that would benefit the people living there and make people feel they are the masters of their land."

Speaking of instructions voiced by President Zelensky, Kravchuk said "the first was not to set unfulfilled tasks, to solve one issue after another, gradually... We start with a ceasefire, then we talk ways of local self-government, elections, and then we go further step by step".