Photo from UNIAN

Secretary of Ukraine's National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) Oleksiy Danilov has said many provisions of the Minsk agreements regarding Donbas are irrelevant.

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"Today we see the Minsk agreements do not work as we would like. Moreover, from the time they were signed and now – this is a completely different situation. A lot of changes have occurred during this time. Moreover, there are signatures under the Minsk agreements of those people who were at that time, while what we have today is a completely different world, completely different processes are taking place," he said during a TV panel show Pravo na Vladu [Right to Power] on Thursday, answering a question whether Ukraine is going to rewrite the Minsk agreements, according to the Ukrainian TSN TV news service.

"The only thing I want to note, I don't understand how and on what basis Russia believes that we must amend the Constitution. But we don't tell Russia: 'Amend your Constitution.' And why should we amend our Constitution under pressure?!" Danilov added.