The so-called Feodosia-13 facility could be used to store nuclear arms / Photo from

The possible deployment of nuclear weapons by Russia on the territory of occupied Crimea could pose a threat to any part of Europe.

Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) Serhiy Kryvonos announced in a comment for Apostrophe Live.

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"Since the Soviet times, there have been several facilities that were used to store nuclear weapons. One of the facilities is the so-called Feodosia-13 facility, now it is the village of Krasnokamyanka.

In the Crimean Tatar language, this is Kyzyltash, where the large-scale construction of a storage base had been carried out for six years since the beginning of the 1950s. This is the former 12th Directorate of the USSR Ministry of Defense, which was in charge of nuclear weapons. The facility was in use until 1996, and the last weapon was removed from there in the middle of the 1990s," Kryvonos said.

This military facility consists of tunnels that have dimensions of a subway and are more than 30 km in length. It was partially mothballed and partially dismantled, he said.

"According to our information, after the annexation of Crimea, Russia began to carry out certain work at the facility," Kryvonos said.

He also named the second facility on the territory of Crimea, where nuclear weapons could be deployed. This is Balaklava, where the Russian submarines are based.

"They have built additional tunnels for submarines – and this is verified information," Kryvonos said.

He noted that the weapons deployed by Russia on the occupied peninsula pose a threat to European countries.

"For example, when Tu-22M3 bombers are based in Crimea, they can threaten even Great Britain ... It is difficult to say what type of nuclear weapons they are deploying there, new or old ones. But all this creates a great danger to any part of Europe," Kryvonos said.

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