Estonia says it intends to join the creation of the Crimean Platform for the end of the Russian occupation of the peninsula.

This is reported by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Twitter.

"Being a devoted supporter of the rules-based international order, Estonia is committed to take part in the Crimean Platform initiated by Ukraine. #CrimeaIsUkraine," it said.

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Crimean Platform

  • The Crimean Platform will operate at several levels.
  • The first is the highest political level, which will be joined by foreign heads of state and government. The second is the level of heads of foreign policy departments and defense ministers, the third is the interparliamentary level, and the fourth is the level of non-governmental experts.

    An expert network will be created to enhance the efficiency of government actions, as well as attracting additional intellectual resources to the platform.

  • Kyiv will host the Crimean Platform Summit in May 2021.