Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba says Iran in its final report on PS752 downing has failed to take into account Ukraine's remarks, and applied manipulation.

"Today, Iran publicly released the final report of the technical investigation of the downing of the UIA flight PS752 in the sky above Tehran. Ukraine has earlier sent Iran more than 90 pages of remarks and proposals to its Draft Final Report and insisted on Iran including them into the final document," Kuleba said in a video addressed posted on MFA Ukraine's Facebook page.

"However, what we saw published today is just a cynical attempt to hide true causes of the downing of our passenger aircraft. An analysis of the document proves that Iran conducted the technical investigation with numerous violations of Chicago Convention and ICAO," the top diplomat noted.

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"We are forced to conclude that the investigation has been biased,  evidence presented are selective, and conclusions – deceptive," the foreign minister stressed.

He added that the document, presented by Iran, fails to cover all circumstances, reveals neither the causes of the tragedy nor the chain of events that led to it.

Read alsoPS752 downing: Iran refusing to name suspects"This is not a report, but a collection of manipulations aimed not at establishing the truth but acquitting the Islamic Republic of Iran. This is great despair for Ukraine and the rest of the civilized world. Iran could not find strength to take responsibility for ensuring that such tragedies do not repeat in the future," Kuleba noted.


Iran's civil aviation body's final report blamed an error by an air defense operator for the accidental downing of a Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 in 2020 that killed 176 people on board, according to a report posted on the agency's website on Wednesday.

The plane was identified as a hostile target due to a mistake by the air defense operator, the report said.