Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has thanked Ukrainians for quarantine compliance and said Ukraine will start gradual easing of quarantine restrictions in 10 days.

"You have been in quarantine for more than a month. And this allowed us to bring down the first wave of the disease. I am very proud of you. Thanks to every Ukrainian for your endurance and patience. But we do not relax and continue to fight against COVID-19. An important priority of this struggle is to provide the country with everything necessary. We have provided regular delivery of goods with everything necessary for the fight against coronavirus. We have also managed to quickly start the production of rapid and PCR tests, reusable protective suits, we are able to produce up to a million face masks per day. I know that quarantine has brought a lot of difficulties to business and citizens. We are doing our best to make your life a little easier," he said in a video address on May 1.

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The president has reiterated the measures that are being introduced to support the economy:

• Loan program for small and medium-sized businesses at 3-5%. In total, it is planned up to UAH 30 billion (US$1.1 billion).

• UAH 6 billion (US$222.5 million) is aimed at increasing the minimum unemployment benefit.

• Individual entrepreneurs of the first and second groups will be able to get assistance for a child under the age of 10.

"The May holidays are ahead. Celebrate them at home. And do not forget that quarantine easing is scheduled for May 11. We have a clear road map, according to which everything will gradually open. But how quickly this happens is up to you," Zelensky added.