Court rules to arrest property of Party of Hungarians' leader / Photo from UNIAN

Zakarpattia's Court of Appeals has ruled to arrest the property seized during a search in the home of leader of the Party of Hungarians of Ukraine (KMKSZ) Vasyl Brenzovych.

The ruling was made due to the fact that the corresponding property is material evidence in criminal proceedings, as reported by the court's press service.

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  • On November 30, the SBU conducted a number of raids in Zakarpattia region, targeting, among others, leader of the Party of Hungarians of Ukraine Vasyl Brenzovych.
  • Detectives investigate allegedly bogus contracts concluded by Hungarian charitable foundations. According to security officials, some of the investigated actions could have been to the detriment of Ukraine's national security, including state sovereignty.
  • Earlier, observers from NGO Civil Network OPORA reported that Hungarian officials had campaigned for KMKSZ Ukrajnai Magyar Party (the Party of Hungarians of Ukraine) while visiting Zakarpattia region during local elections.
  • Subsequently, Ukraine put two Hungarian officials on the stoplist.
  • Commissioner of the Government of Hungary for Cooperation between Hungary's Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg County and Zakarpattia region, Mr. Istvan Grezsa on November 24 was refused entry into Ukraine due to the existing ban.
  • Following SBU searches on November 30, Hungarian authorities summoned the Ukrainian ambassador in Budapest, while Szijjarto referred to the raids as an "incomprehensible political swing in relation to Hungarian parties."
  • Earlier, Hungary tried to block Ukraine's advance toward stronger cooperation with NATO over the contested issues around the language clause of the law on education.