Oleksiy Reznikov / Photo from UNIAN, by Olekksandr Kuzmin

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Reintegration of Temporarily Occupied Territories Oleksiy Reznikov says that if the Kremlin realizes that the leading states' position on the Donbas issue is 100% on the side of Ukraine, it will be ready to make concessions.

In the meantime, Moscow "continues to cherish the hope" that the West might turn its back on Kyiv, the minister said in an interview for TV Channel Ukraine 24.

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Yet, he says, the Russians are "deeply mistaken" in taking such a position.

"They [the Russians] will be ready to rewrite even 100% [of the clauses of the Minsk peace agreements on Donbas] if they understand that the situation has changed and the position of Germany, France, the United States, Great Britain on the side of Ukraine is for them so obvious that this war is simply disadvantageous," Reznikov said.

The minister is sure that now the Kremlin "continues to cherish the hope" that it will accuse Ukraine of allegedly violating the Minsk agreements, and allegedly because of this, European countries "that did not want to fight, but would like to trade" may begin to move towards consensus and consider lifting the anti-Russian sanctions.

"Perhaps, after the elections in the United States, something will change in the attitude towards Ukraine and towards Russia, and there will be more good feelings in favor of the Russian Federation. But I think that they are deeply mistaken about this, because the United States has this kind of the deep state philosophy that I am convinced that nothing bad will happen," Reznikov added.

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