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President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine on April 23 filed with the Verkhovna Rada a draft law laying down criminal punishment for regular smuggling.

That's according to the Verkhovna Rada press service.

Criminal liability for smuggling of goods was effectively lifted back in 2012.

At the moment, the Criminal Code provides such liability only for smuggling of arms, ammunition, explosives, poisonous and radioactive material, as well as spy gear and objects of cultural heritage.

Read alsoZelensky wants faster reform of State Customs ServiceThe text of the new bill has not yet been made public, while its title suggests the president offers to supplement the relvevant articles of the Criminal and Criminal Procedure Codes to criminalize "smuggling of goods and excisable goods, as well as inaccurate declaration of goods."

Sanctions against smugglers

Earlier, President Volodymyr Zelensky enforced the decision by the National Security and Defense Council of April 2 to impose sanctions on the so-called "TOP 10 smugglers".

Amid the latest measures taken to curb smuggling, more than 100 customs officers have been suspended.

Later, Zelensky announced more sanctions in the field, this time against 12 individuals believed to be involved in major smuggling schemes.