Ternopil is one of the two regional centers in Ukraine, along with Lutsk, which was put in the so-called "red zone" according to the new rules of adaptive quarantine introduced in Ukraine recently and effective starting today.

Municipal authorities, in line with the new regulation, shall introduce severe restrictions: put public transport on halt, shut down restaurants and shopping malls, according to TSN.Ranok.

Ternopil authorities, however, say they don't understand how the city ended up in the "red zone", protesting the move.

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Therefore, Ternopil residents had a regular morning today, with people rushing to work, public transport working as usual, kindergartens, bars, and shops set to open.

Earlier, Mayor Serhiy Nadal addressed city residents, promising that Ternopil would retain the usual quarantine regime and that all establishments will keep operating. The mayor said he believes the decision of the State Emergencies Commission is unfounded and even illegal.

Over the past week, there was even a decline in the number of patients. The COVID-19 hospital load reached only 46%, which is half the figure required for the red zone, according to the mayor.

Meanwhile, intercity trains starting today will suspend stops at the city rail station, which is something local authorities can't influence.

As UNIAN reported earlier, new rules of zonal quarantine came into force in Ukraine today.