The U.S. Department of State has requested a total of US$255 million in support for Ukraine in 2022, including toward repelling Russian aggression.

That's according to the Congressional Budget Justification for foreign operations.

"U.S. assistance will help Ukraine to continue to build a democratic, resilient, secure and Western-oriented country, counter malign Russian and Chinese influence, and support Ukraine on its journey to selfreliance," the document reads.

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"Assistance will help to battle corruption and promote the rule of law; advance civil society; support Internet freedom, political competition and consensus building, free and fair elections, and human rights; prevent trafficking in persons; facilitate access to justice; and advance judicial and parliamentary reform," the justification reads.

Read alsoUkraine, U.S. may conclude "very serious" bilateral deal – ZelenskyAlso, the funds are aimed at assisting Ukraine in anti-corruption measures that will "promote good governance, transparency, and accountability in partnership with civil society."

In order to support Ukraine's Western orientation, funding will promote reforms that support the financial sector; reform and privatize state-owned enterprises and stabilize the economy, including by accelerating inclusive economic growth; advance decentralization by assisting local governments in better managing resources and delivering services to citizens; and improve the business climate.

Support of critical reforms will also improve energy security, including through regulatory reform and diversified supply; promote health-sector reform and fight infectious diseases; and strengthen the agricultural sector by supporting land reform and increasing the productivity and capacity of small and medium-sized agricultural enterprises.

The United States has increased programming to deter Russian efforts to create and deepen social divisions by improving strategic communications; supporting media reform; fostering and engaging youth; supporting access to diverse and credible information sources; and enhancing cyber security nationwide.

Programs will also support peace and reconciliation efforts, including outreach to occupied territories, including through water and infrastructure, strengthening community participation, governance, and economic resilience.

Also, they will support a robust OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to help secure Ukraine's border through international monitors and observation equipment.