Ukraine during another stage of Minsk talks on Donbas settlement once again categorically rejected the possibility of fixing a special status of the occupied areas in eastern Ukraine in the country's Constitution.

The regular meeting of the Trilateral Contact Group on Donbas settlement was held via a video link on Wednesday, April 22, reads the report published on the Presidential Office website.

"The humanitarian group continued to work on the lists for the next phase of the mutual release of detained persons. The achievements of the Ukrainian party in the humanitarian demining of social objects, including schools, kindergartens, hospitals, cemeteries, etc. were also noted," the report says.

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"In addition, the Ukrainian party once again categorically denied the possibility of fixing the special status of the ORDLO [occupied areas of Donbas] in the Constitution of Ukraine,"

At the political subgroup, Ukraine's delegation emphasized the need to implement the agreements the Normandy Four leaders had reached at the Paris Summit for the next meeting to be held in Berlin.

The Ukrainian party also supported the initiative of the UN Secretary-General to introduce a sustainable and permanent ceasefire regime at the delimitation line.