Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba, Acting Prime Minister, Minister for Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova Aureliu Ciocoi, and Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Georgia David Zalkaliani on Monday signed a memorandum on the start of enhanced cooperation on European integration (Association Trio).

The signing ceremony took place in Kyiv and broadcast on Facebook by MFA Ukraine, an UNIAN correspondent reports

Kuleba noted that the document is setting up the Association Trio.

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"This will be about enhanced cooperation between our three countries on European integration. This is a new initiative, which is very timely, as is this decision, which will help our three countries move more effectively together along the path of European integration," Kuleba said.

According to the top diplomat, Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova have a special status of associated partners in relations with the European Union.

Read alsoZelensky: Ukraine will definitely be in EU"We all made our European choice, signed the Association Agreement, and of course, we would like to become members of the European Union in the future. We today agreed to formalize this status and together continue to move along the path of European integration," Kuleba added.

He noted that the Association Trio provides for three main elements: structuring consultations on European integration between the foreign ministries of the three countries, engaging in dialogue with institutions and members of the EU, as well as coordinating positions within the framework of the Eastern Partnership.

The signing of the memorandum testifies to the common agenda in the movement toward the EU and the intention to realize the European prospects of the three countries and their membership ambitions.

In particular, Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia will work in the field of sectoral cooperation and gradual integration into the EU's internal market.

"We agreed today that this will be the main focus of our Association Trio," said Kuleba.

He said that, given the major security challenges facing the three countries, the parties agreed to develop joint work on security issues to maintain stability in the region.

Kuleba noted that the Association Trio is a signal that there is no alternative to European integration for Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova.

"And there is no alternative for Europe either, because it should perceive our three countries as a serious project to ensure peace and prosperity in Europe," Kuleba summed up.