The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has approved the draft Foreign Policy Strategy with one of its priorities being to end the war with Russia and demand from Moscow various forms of reparations for the damage inflicted throughout the period of aggression.

"The government has approved the Strategy of Ukraine's Foreign Policy until 2024. We worked a lot on it together with other institutions, experts, and public. This is the first-ever strategic document of such level on Ukraine's foreign policy. I'm awaiting the NSDC approval," Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba wrote on Twitter.

Read alsoKyiv sees no conditions for continuing Donbas talks in Minsk, Kuleba confirmsThe Strategy determines that the main goal of Ukraine's policy toward Russia in the medium term is to end the Russian-Ukrainian armed conflict and regain control of the temporarily occupied territories. However, Russia's aggressive policy toward Ukraine is long-term and poorly predictable, the Strategy says.

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"The obvious conditions for revising relations with the Russian Federation and transiting from confrontation to 'peaceful coexistence' should be the termination of the Russian Federation's aggression against Ukraine and the regaining of the temporarily occupied territories, the implementation of compensation and other forms of reparation for damage caused to Ukraine as a result of the temporary occupation of territories, the withholding by the Russian Federation of practices of interference in Ukraine's internal affairs," reads the Strategy.

At the same time, democratic transformations in Russia would be in line with Ukraine's interests.