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Socis Senter and Razumkov Center have released new popular ratings of Ukrainian political parties.

If the elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine had been held in July this year, five political forces would have made it to Parliament, overcoming the 5% threshold, reads a report on the results of a survey titled "Socio-Political Situation in Ukraine (July 2020)".

The ruling Servant of the People party, which enjoys mono-majority in Parliament, maintains the lead with 25.5% of voters' support among those who had made up their choice and would definitely come to polls.

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The leading party's major competitors are pro-Russian Opposition Platform - For Life (18.3%) and former president Petro Poroshenko's European Solidarity (18.1%).

The following parties would have also beaten the threshold: Yulia Tymoshenko's Batkivshchyna with 10.4% and Syla I Chest [Strength and Honor] with 6.5%.

Other parties would have gained under 3% of the vote.

About the research

  • The research covered 4,000 respondents over the age of 18 who were polled in door-to-door interviews.
  • The results represent Ukraine's population with the exception of the temporarily occupied territories – Crimea and parts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Ratings of politicians

  • The latest poll 25.6% would back Zelensky, while 13.7%  would support Poroshenko.
  • Pro-Russian Opposition Platform-For Life's Yuriy Boyko would gain 12% of the vote, former PM and long-time opposition figure Yulia Tymoshenko would come fourth with 8.8%, and ex-security chief Ihor Smeshko would get 7.0%.
  • All other candidates stood below 3%.
  • Controversial blogger Anatolii Sharij and former Radical Party leader Oleh Liashko would get 2.9% each, while National Corpse chief Andriy Biletsky would gain 1%.