Ukraine's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Serhiy Kyslytsya has called on the United Nations to deprive Russia of its veto right at UN Security Council meetings, as it is an aggressor country that continues waging a war against Ukraine.

"As a party to the conflict, non-elected member of the UN Security Council that is not even mentioned in Article 23 of the UN Charter on the composition of the Council, Russia should not be allowed to use veto power," he said at the UN General Assembly debate "Situation in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine" on February 23.

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He says it is extremely important to constantly remind Moscow of its obligations as a party to the conflict in Donbas.

"It is crucial to constantly remind Moscow of its obligations as a party to the conflict," he said. "Until Russia denies its role in the conflict, the prospects of peaceful resolution will remain elusive. Repetitive statements by Russian officials about Russia's alleged 'mediation' role in the Donbas peace process are outrageous," he said.

"Russia has not been and cannot, in principle, be a mediator in the conflict it has started and continues to take part in since the first day of aggression," he added.