Ukraine marks Unity Day on January 22 / Photo from UNIAN

Ukraine's Ministry of Foreign Affairs says it sees the consolidation of efforts of all Ukrainians as a powerful weapon to counter Russian aggression.

"The consolidation of efforts of all Ukrainians is a powerful weapon to defeat [our] common enemy and restore [Ukraine's] territorial integrity," the ministry said in an official statement to mark Ukrainian Unity Day on January 22.

"The Act Zluky [Unification Act signed on January 22, 1919] determined the further formation of the Ukrainian political nation and became evidence of the will of the Ukrainians for self-determination and consolidation," the ministry said.

"Today, as then, the unification and unity of the Ukrainians remain the fundamental value of Ukrainian statehood. It is these values that Ukraine defends today from Russia's armed aggression," it said.

The ministry also says that the unification of Ukrainians around the world and the protection of fellow citizens abroad was and remains one of its priorities because "together we are stronger."

Ukrainian Unity Day

  • Ukrainian Unity Day is marked in Ukraine on January 22.
  • It is the day of the proclamation of the Act Zluky ['Unification Act'], which declared reunification into a single, independent country.
  • It was solemnly proclaimed by UNR [the Ukrainian People's Republic] and ZUNR [the West Ukrainian People's Republic] activists at Kyiv's St. Sophia Square on January 22, 1919.