Photo from UNIAN

German Ambassador to Ukraine Anka Feldhusen predicts the European Union will open the borders for Ukrainians by the end of spring 2021.

"My personal forecast: the current situation will last by the end of spring 2021. By that time, there should be a vaccine, and I hope this will open the borders to free travel. Although mass vaccination is a time-consuming process," she told the Ukrainian media outlet European Pravda in an interview published in Ukrainian.

Feldhusen suggests Ukrainians may hope for a vacation in Europe next summer.

"I will allow myself a bit of optimism: I believe vacations and flights will be possible next summer. We are also waiting for this. For example, my vacation in Iceland this year failed, and I'm really looking forward to next year," she said.

She emphasized travel restrictions apply not only to Ukrainians. There are "red zones" even within the EU where travel restrictions are in place, and it is necessary to undergo self-isolation upon return.

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On October 6, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said his European partners had assured him there were no threats to the visa-free regime between Ukraine and the EU, and Ukraine fulfills all the necessary criteria.