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In Ukraine's far-western Zakarpattia region, the Security Service (SBU) conducted a warranted search in the home of Vasyl Brenzovych, leader of the KMKSZ Party (Party of Hungarians of Ukraine) along with a number of other raids targeting other individuals.

As journalist Vitaly Hlahola reports on Telegram, law enforcers probe the suspected conclusion of fictitious contracts by the Egan Ede charity.

As the journalist notes, the criminal proceedings concern the alleged conclusion of fictitious contracts by Hungarian charitable foundations. According to law enforcement operatives, the scheme could be used to commit acts threatening national security of Ukraine.

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"The criminal scheme is being investigated where one of the foundations allegedly ordered works under fictitious contracts, suspects appropriated the allocated funds, kept a shadow ledger, while funds allocated by Hungary were used to the detriment of Ukraine's national security," Hlahola said.

The Security Service of Ukraine has later confirmed the fact of the search. Security operatives are also investigating the facts of possible action toward violation of Ukraine's state sovereignty.

"The defendants are suspected of conducting subversive activity to the detriment of Ukraine in the interests of a neighboring country," the SBU said in a statement.


As reported on the SBU website, possible interference is being studied into the internal affairs of Ukraine and harm to national security through the spread of fake news claiming that the Hungarian legislation and jurisdiction of its state bodies extend to certain regions of Ukraine.


The investigation is also probing the alleged assistance to a foreign government by certain public figures of Ukraine. They are suspected of complicity in a foreign government's subversive activities to the detriment of Ukraine, including by committing high treason.

"During searches, law enforcers discovered printed materials promoting the so-called 'Great Hungary' and the creation of an ethnic autonomy in Zakarpattia,"  the statement says.

Background: Hungarian interference in Ukraine's local elections

According to Civil Network OPORA observers, Hungarian officials promoted the Ukrajnai Magyar Part (the Party of Hungarians of Ukraine) while visiting Zakarpattia region during the campaign period.

On October 26, Ukraine's Foreign Ministry handed a note of protest to Ambassador of Hungary to Ukraine Istvan Ijgyarto over the interference of Hungarian officials into the electoral process in Zakarpattia.

Kyiv had put two Hungarian officials on the stoplist.

Commissioner of the Government of Hungary for Cooperation between Hungary's Szabolcs-On November 24, Commissioner of Hungary's Government for Cooperation between Szatmar-Bereg County and Zakarpattia region, Mr. Istvan Grezsa, was refused entry into Ukraine due to the existing ban.