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The latest bill, submitted to Parliament by President Volodymyr Zelensky, on the termination of powers of the Constitutional Court judges has signs of a "constitutional coup," says CCU chair Oleksandr Tupytsky.

A draft law has emerged overnight, No. 4288, which has signs of "a constitutional coup in Ukraine," Tupytsky told a Kyiv briefing on Friday, an UNIAN correspondent reports.

"I declare this responsibly, because this is a violation of Articles 149, 149-1 of the Constitution of Ukraine," Tupytsky stressed.

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He noted that the presidential bill proposes to disband the incumbent composition of the Constitutional Court.

The authorities could turn the Constitutional Court into a Supreme Court chamber, Tupytsky admits.

"This is also an option, but for underdeveloped countries," the CCU chair stressed.

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"But there is nothing to be surprised at. Everything can happen very quickly here. The main thing here is mono-majority [in Parliament, comprised of the pro-president's political force]. As soon as there are votes, we, living in society, see these laws, but why should the Constitutional Court bear responsibility for everything?" Tupytsky said, hinting at the quality of bills passed by the Verkhovna Rada.

He stressed that the parliament should pass laws of higher quality to make sure the opposition doesn't challenge them in the Constitutional Court.