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A serviceman has incidentally shot his comrade-in-arms as a result of a firearm mishandling, according to the Headquarters of the Anti-Terrorist Operation.

"An incident took place Feb 18 at the premises of one of the military units performing its mission in the ATO zone. According to a preliminary report, a serviceman wounded his comrade-in-arms as a result of a firearm mishandling," the ATO HQ reported.

The wounded soldier was rushed to a hospital but, unfortunately, died from wounds sustained.

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The media earlier reported that a fight had allegedly erupted between the two servicemen of unit A-0409 (the 30th separate mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine) stationed on the outskirts of Maryinka. In the heat of the brawl, one of them shot his opponent from a Kalashnikov assault rifle. The shooter was reportedly detained.