Photo from UNIAN

The SBU Security Service of Ukraine reports on intensified efforts by Russian special services toward destabilization within Ukraine and discrediting the country in the eyes of global community.

As reported by the SBU's press center, in February alone, there were 12 such provocations, including arson attempt at the premises of the Hungarian culture community center in Zakarpattia region. In addition, the SBU says Russian special services planned to organize a fake campaign in Uzhgorod to foment ethnic hatred.

Read alsoPro-Putin right-wingers from EU behind arson attempt at Hungarians Union building in Zakarpattia – Governor"We received information that Russia had ordered a subversive information campaign under the guise of public hearings on the topic: 'Observance of the national and cultural rights of Hungarians of Zakarpattia region in the context of Art. 7 of the Law of Ukraine On Education'. During the event, calls were supposed to be voiced for granting autonomy to the Hungarians of Zakarpattia region due to the alleged harassment on the part of Ukrainian authorities. Orchestrators planned to widely highlight propaganda stories on the issue in Russian media and actively share and repost them on social networks. SBU operatives documented that the coordinator of the campaign was a representative of a well-known public organization, while direct executor was a chairman of the charity fund from Kyiv," SBU Deputy Chief Viktor Kononenko said.

In addition, the SBU documented that Russian citizen David Ponomarev, known for plotting terrorist attacks in Mykolaiv in 2015, had once again tried to organize a sabotage act in Mykolaiv and Uzhgorod.

"SBU operatives have prevented even bolded provocations in Chernivtsi region. The executors, who were identified by the SBU, had received from Russia an advance payment for the arson at two Romanian schools in Bukovyna," the press center said.