Bogomolets National Medical University (NMU) has announced the end of the strike.

"We're calling off a strike. We've been heard. Yesterday, the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Health Care unanimously supported all our demands. We are sure the victory will be for NMU. Thanks to all those who stood up to defend the dignity and independence of the university. NMU is the best," according to a video address of the strike participants, published on the university's website.

At the same time, the participants in the strike did not specify when the educational process was going to resume.

Earlier on that day, Kateryna Amosova, the suspended rector of Bogomolets National Medical University, urged to call off the strike and resume the educational process.

As UNIAN reported earlier, students and lecturers of Bogomolets National Medical University on Monday, February 26, announced a strike for an indefinite period.

"The strike has been announced in connection with unprecedented gross and unlawful interference by senior officials of the Health Ministry of Ukraine in the independent and self-regulated work of Bogomolets National Medical University," the University wrote on Facebook.

Ukraine's Health Ministry suspended Amosova on February 20 due to her failure to organize an exam for dentists. She was removed for the period of a probe into the incident.

The ministry alleged the University's administration had instigated the strike.