The first convoy was spotted by the observers near the village of Sverdlovo on Sunday at about 1120.

"The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission reported about 17 unmarked ZIL trucks, five of them carrying Grad multiple rocket launcher systems, with ammunition in the other two trucks," the report reads.

The other military column was spotted at 1135 near the town of Zuhres, located 41 kilometers east of Donetsk. This convoy also consisted of 17 unmarked KamAZ trucks. According to observers, 12 of the vehicles were towing 122-millimeter howitzers.

According to the representatives of the mission, in both cases, the men in uniform in the trucks were not observed. Cars followed the convoys, heading west.

Over the last two days OSCE observers have seen several convoys of military equipment near Donetsk. On November 8 the mission observed a convoy of tanks, APCs, trucks and tank trucks 25 km away from Donetsk, in Makiyivka.

Anti-government militants have claimed that the military equipment belongs to self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic. According to the deputy commander of DNR militant group Eduard Basurin, a rotation of the militia was required because of the fighting in the city. Reinforcements came to Donetsk from other areas of the DNR, he added.

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