The UN predicts a 36% decline in the Ukrainian nation by the end of the century.

"As bad as those numbers look, the trend looks even worse for Ukraine and Moldova. The UN predicts 36 percent and 51 percent declines in those nations by the end of the century, respectively. Russia, meanwhile, is expected to lose 13 percent by 2100," Bloomberg wrote, with reference to the UN's Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

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It is reported nine of the world's countries most at risk of losing citizens over the next few decades are former East bloc nations. Porous borders and greater opportunity in the west have lured people away. The young and educated are disappearing in the greatest numbers, shrinking the amount of working adults who can fund benefits for pensioners.

"In Ukraine – which other Eastern European nations look to for migrant labor – the state employment service said 11 percent of the population lives abroad," reads the report.