In 2007, Ukraine boosted the export of armaments and military equipment by 8.5%.

      Top deputy Industrial Policy Minister of Ukraine Vitaliy Nemylostyvy claimed this in the course of a roundtable for issues of using offset operations for technical upgrading the army. The roundtable was organized by the Center for Army, Conversion, and Disarmament Studies.

      According to the Center experts, V.Nemylostyvy meant the export of armaments and military equipment only in the segment of the Industrial Policy Ministry. Besides, a significant part of military equipment is exported through the Ministry of Defense and the National Space Agency of Ukraine. In the opinion of experts, the results of the year 2007, compared with the results of the year 2006, should indicate a positive dynamics in all segments of the Ukrainian armaments export. The growth took place due to the total world growth of expenses on defense, the stable work of Ukrainian special exporters at traditional markets, and growth of the volume of Russian contracts, in which Ukrainian enterprises take part.